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Travelogue to Australia Part 5
Monday, December 1, 2014
Day 6 (Melbourne)
Place Visited: Tesselaar Tulip Festival | Yering Farm | Yering Station | Domaine Chandon | Oakridge | Dominique Portet 
Food: Code Black Coffee | Oriental Spoon

Alight this should be the last post of my holidays to Australia or else it's getting bait draggy.

We started our day right with delicious breakfast at Code Black Coffee. This place is well decorated externally and internally. The cafe has a space to conduct workshop to train barista (I WANT) and a space where they roast their beans.

I like that they used different set of plates to serve, making each individual breakfast unique. 

Code Black Coffee
15-17 Weston Street Brunswick 3056
Reason to return: Scrambled eggs, fluffy and moist

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

We were very lucky that we got to enjoy the spectacular view of blossomed tulips! I was a little worried that S and I wouldn't enjoy because it's difficult for guys to appreciate and spending money just to see flowers! Hahaha but I was glad that he did enjoy himself. It was actually my first time visiting a flower farm and yes I wouldn't mind more next time :D

We visited 5 wineries at Yarra valley and my personal favourite would be Domaine Chandon

We had our dinner at oriental spoon at Melbourne CBD. It's Korean Food again! Haha Somehow Korean food in Melbourne taste so much better than the ones I tried in Singapore. Remember to be there early because it's always packed!

Oriental spoon
254 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Reason to return: Affordable great Korean food

Day 7 (Melbourne)
Place Visited: Expresso Car Wash
Food: Three Bag Full

Finally after having so many days of breakfast in Australia, I realised that you can choose the coffee BEANS instead of choosing the type of coffee you want. Hahaha never mind, at least I realised! I don't remember the name of the beans I tried but it's from Brazil. It's too good!

Three Bag Full
Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St, Abbotsford
Reason to return: Coffee! Coffee!

Expresso Carwash 
Time to shed some fats away by washing our rental car. It's really fun, remember to bring lots of coins there! 

Day 8 (Brisbane)
Place Visited: Indooroopilly
Food: Flute Cafe

Truffle Pasta - They are so generous with truffle oil. 

I told my sis that I wanted to eat the best Aussie breakfast since it was my last day in Australia. She recommend me this Best in Brisbane. Portions are really big! Remember to be there early because the queue is scary.

Flute Cafe
4/380 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo
Reason to return: Truffle Pasta and Coffee!

These summed up my holiday trip to Melbourne, Gold Coast & Brisbane. I really got to enjoy lots of awesome food. The planning was indeed tiring but experience was great! 

The only bad experience we had was our last night at south bank (Brisbane) around 10pm, we nearly got robbed. It was quite hilarious because I didn't realise that they were trying to rob us. How pathetic and naive I was... living in our safe Singapore. . .  I get to appreciate my country more. 

Anyway I got scared when I realised that they were robbing us. A lot of hurting and racism comments came out of their mouth. :_( Sigh! I was angry but I choose to believe that not every Australians are racist k. Alright the drama ended up with pushing, shouting from them, and lastly we "won" because we outnumbered them. 

Travel safe, you never know when they will attack. S and I were at touristy area and we never expect it. 

Pretty view of Brisbane city 

Good night love!

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