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Travelogue to Australia Part 4
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Day 4 (Melbourne)
Place Visited: Great Ocean Drive
Food: The Bond Store | Apollo Bay The Fishermen's Co-Op | Dooleys Ice Cream

Looking forward to wake up every morning because of awesome breakfast!

Scrambled Egg on Ciabatta Toast with Chorizo Sausage

Scrambled eggs were a little dry and sausage was way too salty! 

Smoked Atlantic Salmon on Chili Corn Fritters

Buttery Field Mushrooms on Rye Toast

The Bond Store
1 Riverside Quay Southbank, Vic 3006
Reason to return: Maybe not. Anything is average.

So we were all ready to do our mini road trip to great ocean drive! 

Point Addis
Great Ocean Drive

Split Point Light House

Apollo Bay The Fishermen's Co-Op
The Fries are freeeeee! Hahaha I dislike  eating fish and chip without in Australia although the fish tasted awesome but there wasn't any sauce! It's not common to have free flow of tartar or aioli sauce in Australia! You just have to pay for your sauce! :(

We had ice cream at Dooleys! It's so goooooood! The whole shop is filled with certificate of awards for their different flavours of ice cream! Sorry no pictures because I was busy choosing my flavours and too engross eating! 

Dooleys Ice Cream - The Ice Cream Tub
89 Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay, Vic 3233

Twelve Apostles 

London Bridge

Good night world.

Day 5 (Melbourne)
Places Visited: Cape Bridgewater | Shelly Beach | Grampians
Food: Bridgewater Bay Cafe

Our very cosy apartment we stayed for one night.

Eggs Benedict

Big Breakfast?

There wasn't much choice to choose in Cape Bridgewater. Breakfast and coffees were very homely and they tasted great.

Bridgewater Bay Cafe
1661 Bridgewater Road, Cape Bridgewater Vic 3305
Reason to return: Affordable and above average breakfast

Take a stroll along shelly beach after breakfast. Just as the name suggests, this place used to consist piles and piles of sea shells.


Good night!

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