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Travelogue to Australia Part 3
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Day 3 (Melbourne)
Places Visited: Queen Victoria Market | Melbourne CBD
Food: Queen Victoria Market | Creperie le Triskel | Le Belle Miette | Ganache Chocolate | Andrew's Hamburger

I was really excited because we were going to tour the city. I had prepared a list of desserts place to visit. We took the free city tram which was more economically wise.

I like the way they place the mince meat! 

"Skateboard Bread" 

Koko Black
You must try the HOT chocolate drink. It's so creamy and smooth! I really love it!

Fresh Bananas, Pure Maple Syrup and Almonds Crepe

Salted Caramel Crepe - the best from what we ordered.

Strawberry with Melted Chocolate and Chocolate Ice Cream - Boring

Creperie le Triskel
32 Hardware Lane Melbourne, Vic 3000
Reason to return: I want to try the savoury crepes.

We visited the store next to Creperie le Triskel which was selling macaroons and packed with people. We bought a few to try but I still prefer the ones made from TWG. 

Le Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane Melbourne, Vic 3000
Reason to return: Nil

To our next stop for dessert,

Tired from walking around the city

I realised all the hot beverages taste better than cold. 

Ganache Chocolate
245 Collins St, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Reason to return: Hot Chocolate

Too awesome to be real?

Lord of the Fries
I want more sauce but it's chargeable :(

We had dinner at Andrew's Burger (patronise by Master chef judge). Don't get fool by the short queue because there was lots of take away. Grr.. We had to wait almost half an hour but it was definitely worth it. 
Andrew's Hamburgers
144 Bridport St, Albert Park, Vic 3206
Reason to return: Andrew burgers with the lot. Do not waste your stomach by having the traditional hamburgers. 

How do you say no to all these food? 
Good night!

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