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Travelogue to Taiwan Part 4
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Day 5 (Taipei)
Places visited:
Food: Wu Lao Guo 无老锅 | Cama Cafe | Addiction Aquatic Development

Started our day late and decided to have lunch at a popular Japanese restaurant I saw on Facebook. However, we didn't manage to dine in because they were fully booked. :( I was very disappointed because we travelled all the way there and wasn't given a chance to queue. 

Alright then lets do Wu Lao Guo 无老锅 again. Took a taxi to the nearest branch and this time we didn't over-order.  Haha

We ordered the Mala 麻辣 to try as recommended by the waiter. Surprising it wasn't as spicy as I thought. Normally when I ordered 麻辣 broth, it will never get refill because my friends and I would give up after a few sip but the 麻辣 broth is quite mild and has a rich herb taste which was a good choice for my sister who has a weaker tummy. 

Wu Lao Guo 无老锅
No 124, Section 1, Xinsheng S road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

Stopped by this cafe because of the alluring aroma. Nothing beats having a cup of cold coffee on a hot day.

Cama Cafe
No 6 Section 3, Heping E Road, Daan District, Taipei City 
Reason to return: Try other beverages!

Can you guess where we were?

 Taking some photos while waiting for our "seat". No chairs because you stand as you dine.

We ordered a 980 TWD set to share which consist of a salad, fish ( I don't know what fish was that), salmon miso soup, assorted 6 piece sushi and a tiger prawn. I don't find it worth but never mind, it's holiday! Haha

A bowl of mixed sashimi, my favourite definitely will be the uni. This place is quite interesting but I still prefer to have a seat to dine after waiting 45 minutes.

Addiction Aquatic Development
No 18 Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E road
Direction: Alight at Zhongshan Jr. High School Station and take bus 74 opposite the station. 
Reason to return: Hmm, maybe not, my legs are tired.

Day 6 (Taipei)
Places visited: Yong Kang Street | Shilin Night Market
Food: ?breakfast | Yong Kang Beef Noodles 永康牛肉面 | Smoothie House

Simple but super satisfying breakfast at ?breakfast again. Hehe Croissant Pork Burger! Thumbs up!

Wanted to try the pork ribs instead of pig intestines but sister suggested that I should eat this with her since I am not going to order the next time when I am here with S.

Decided to try this because Taxi uncle highly recommend us to Yong Kang Beef Noodles 永康牛肉面. Food was nice but not fantastic,  I guess we were not hungry to fully enjoy our lunch.

Yong Kang Beef Noodles 永康牛肉面
No 17, Lane 31, Section 2, Jinshan South Road, Taipei 
Reason to return: Beef noodles 

Wow. so many people = must try!

Ordered the most simple Super Mango Snowflake Ice with Panna Cotta!

It's worth having a snowflake dessert especially in the hot weather! 

Smoothie House
No 15, Yongkang Street, Da'an District, Taipei City 10650
06 大安区永康街15号
Reason to return: Mango Snowflake dessert!

Shilin Night Market was the best night market I enjoyed myself in Taipei. Plenty of shopping and delicious food around the market! 

Very sinful beef chunks cooked with burnt torch. Every thing tastes superb when you cooked with burnt torch!

This is extra extra large Taiwanese Sausage! Didn't dare to try though cause it's too much for both of us.

The must try shop when I was researching for things to eat in Shilin Night Market.

I was looking forward to this because I really miss the delicious potato twister in Seoul. Hmm personally find the potato twister at Myeong Dong is still the BEST.

Is alright because the guy who fried your potato twister is quite good looking yeah? Haha

Shilin Night Market

Day 7 (Taipei)
Places visited:
Food: Two men 二男料理 

Back to the Japanese restaurant where we missed during fifth day. We were there to queue at 1030 am when the store opens at 1130. Ah ma came well prepared with a foldable stool. The queue was so crowded at 11am.

See the young boss in the middle, same age as my sister. Haha Anyway we were the first few that were seated to our table and the restaurant was filled up quickly. Ordering was chaotic and every one was shouting and rushing to get their orders in.

Finally get a waiter attention to give us some recommendation after the chaos. I told him that I wanted the famous bowl of chirashi don and he told me SOLD OUT for the day. Instantly felt so helpless and annoyed. Queue for an hour and didn't get to eat their signature dish. oh well.. Apparently the boss limits the number of signature bowls to sell per day and that day was 9 bowls.

The torture of watching but not allow to eat because it was not yours.

Since we can't have the signature bowl then lets settle with second best. It's awesome as well! Chef was very generous with the portion of sashimi. New found love sashimi - Flounder 

My sister ordered a tiger prawn for me to compensate the missing prawn you see in their signature chirashi don. Haha I find the prawn a little over-cooked and salty.

Favourite Uni sushi :)

A platter of mixed sashimi to end our lunch!

Two men 二男料理
No 36, Section 3, Xinbei Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Direction: Exit 2 at Banqiao Station and take bus 307

I like going Taiwan because the people are generally nice but we went during the wrong period. It was so hot and the whole place was infested with mosquitoes! D: Note to self: Do not travel to Taiwan in July and September. 

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