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Travelogue to Taiwan Part 2
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Day 2 (Taichung)
Places visited: Sun Moon Lake 日月谭 |Feng Chia Night Market 逢甲夜市

Started our day having breakfast at the hotel cafe which wasn't fantastic. Took bus 106 opposite Macdonald (near our hotel @ Feng Chia night market) to HSR Taichung station to purchase the tickets to Sun Moon Lake. From there, you can take the Nantou bus.

We purchased the 990 TWD because I wanted to sit cable car. Haha This ticket includes the bus to and from Taichung HSR, unlimited boat rides, unlimited bus rides and of course the cable car tickets. 

At Xuanguang Temple, nothing much over here except there's a famous tea flavoured egg 茶叶蛋. Personally don't find it amazing. Good tourist location.

Off to Ita Thao Pier where there were more food here.

This yummy boneless chicken stuffed with fragrant glutinous rice and the chilli and spring onions add another punch to it.

This deep fried mushroom was terrible :( my sis was eating and spilt out many pieces of plastic. Ahhh! There was a kid who ordered it too. I hope he knows how to differentiate and don't swallow it.

Take 106 back to feng chia night market from Taichung HSR.

Salmon Ikura Don which cause less than 10 dollars.

Dine at this store as we were craving for Japanese food. Food was normal but good pricing.

A better view of the Jap eatery at Feng Chia Night Market. Ended the night with lots of good food at the night market!

Yummy yummy clams that you can find in the night market! Choose Garlic! :D

Day 3 (Taichung, Taipei)
Places visited: Taipei 101 | Ximending
Food: Lai Lai Soyabean Milk Shop 来来豆浆 | Dazzling Cafe (Sunshine)

Good Morning!

Took a bus to Lai Lai Soyabean Milk Shop 来来豆浆 to have breakfast!

Assorted breakfast in Taichung.

Salty bean curd which I was not use to it. Definitely an acquired taste. The food was good but the ironic was the soya milk was crap. There was a burnt smell which ruin the whole taste.

Lai Lai Soyabean Milk Shop 来来豆浆
No 91-2 Section 3, Wenxin Road, Taichung
Reason to return: Try other stuffs! 

Took a bus to Taipei after checking out. We checked in to our Airbnb apartment upon reaching Ximending which both of us wasn't happy about it. How the apartment can totally ruin your holiday.

Travelled to Taipei 101, did some shopping before proceeding to Dazzling cafe.

Was very excited to try because of the hype in Singapore. You can totally skip this. The toast was so hard and dry. The taste wasn't flavourful. Nothing nice at all. I don't know if it is the same kind of standard in Singapore because I haven't tried yet and I doubt so after this experience in Taiwan. After you dessert from Thailand is at least 10 times better than this. 

Dazzling Cafe (Sunshine)
No 11, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Road, Da'an District, Taipei City 106
Reason to return: Noooo. 

Ended our dinner with a comfort beef don located at the basement level of Dazzling cafe. Dread going back to our apartment. Sigh! 

Had a long discussion with my sister whether to move out but we decide to stay because host's friend was really nice and he was trying his very best to make us feel good about the apartment and of course strictly no refund. I will share more about it next time. 

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